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Driving school in Kiev
tel. (044) 228-39-95
Avtoschool learning(riding) to drive avtomobile and motorcycles(motorbikes) in Kyiv

Driving school "KONSTANTA-GS"
Have you decided to learn how to drive?
TEL. № (044) 228-39-95
Does the status of simple pedestrian not suit you? Do you want to change your status and to settle down in the car with the wheel in your hands?

If the answer is "yes" YOU HAVE TO GO TO DRIVING SCHOOL!
"KONSTANTA-GS" driving school proposes you to learn how to drive the car professionally. During the ten years of work we have prepared thousands of high-qualified drivers of different categories.

Our driving school has a lot of advantages:
- suitable arrangement (not far from the subway stations KPI and POZNYAKI),
- several branches (you can chose the closest to your house),
- our fleet proposes you the huge range of cars for getting the practical driving skills.

We have done the huge work but the result was worth it! Driving school has created the comfortable conditions for all students with optimal expenditures.

But the most important thing is that all our students are satisfied!

When you start to visit our driving courses, you will be convinced! With no doubts this driving courses will give you the best result you have ever expected!
Cars: you get possibility to choose a car on which you will be taught to practical skills of driving. Presently in our driving school teaching is possible on such cars: - Pegeuot-405; - Ford Sierra; - Daewoo Matiz. Learning duration - to 2,5 months . A course consists of theoretical and practical employments. A theoretical course plugs in itself the study of rules of the travelling road, device of cars, skills of providing to the first medical aid, and also decision of examination tickets. Theoretical employments are conducted 2 times per a week. Time of leadthrough of employments: with 18:00 to 21:00. The cost of course of theory makes 1500 Uah and plugs in itself: - processing of all documents; - providing necessary literature; - record of compact disk with the necessary programs and document; - complete accompaniment to handing over of examinations in GAI and receipt of driving license. you are in a position to produce .. payment of teaching during all course of theory. Stage-by-stage payment is possible. Practical employments plug in itself an acquaintance with a car, driving of car on streets with nonintensive motion, and then driving of car on streets with intensive motion. The recommended course of driving is from 10 to 30 employments (duration of one employment makes 60 minutes). Amount of necessary to you lessons, and also time of their leadthrough you determine. Practical employments (driving) begin, approximately, through 10-15 days after the beginning of teaching and conducted on an individual chart, concerted with an instructor in the period of time from 6.00 to 19.00 (a leadthrough is also possible and in days off). you will not have to pay for the skipped employment as in other driving school, because payment produced only after «otkatannykh» clock. The cost of one lesson of driving depends on the form of teaching: - course teaching, I.e. employments, conducted within the limits of terms of year; - vnekursovoe teaching which . divided into lessons for the graduating students of driving school «KONSTANTA-GS» and lessons for the graduating students of other driving school. Tariffs (a cost of a 1 lesson is in Uah) are indicated in a table, resulted below: Course teaching For graduating students For extraneous persons 50 Uah 60 Uah 80 Uah Upon termination of teaching a student hand over internal examination and get testifying to completion of driving school of state standard, and also examination card, which are passed in GAI at handing over of examinations. Handing over of examinations in GAI with an educational group conducted in a beforehand day certain on the cars of driving school (a student goes in for exam on a that car which he was taught on). Citizenship and registration for teaching in driving school and receipts of testifying to its completion have no value. For handing over of examinations in GAI Kiev the citizens of the foreign states and person without citizenship must look like on inhabitation or temporal registration in Kiev. From another city persons which want to get a driving license in Kiev, to the end teaching must get permission on handing over of examinations in Kiev Mrev-2 for the chief of GAI of city. More detailed information you will be able will get during teaching in our driving school. Addresses: Employments are conducted on two addresses: - street LESIYA KURBASA 2B; - street of POLITEKHNICHESKIY 3A . Contact telephones: (044) 228-39-95
Theory course

To be the high-qualified driver you should also know some theoretical subjects.

Theory course consists of several major subjects:
• Car setup
• Traffic rules and regulations
• Basics of car driving
• First medical aid
• Basics of motor transport law
• Basics of road safety
• Computer training

To facilitate progress in training, our driving schools use specially equipped classrooms.
Our qualified instructors have vast training experience. That is why our driving courses can guarantee the best result. Our instructors never stop enhancing their training skills and relevant qualifications. They can give complete and fresh information about today driving situation. And of course they will answer to all of your questions.

All necessary literature and materials students can get in the library of our driving school.
After the in-school test you will pass your exams in the State Motor Vehicle Inspectorate (SAI). We use computer work stations with the driving test tasks to prepare students for the test administered by the State Motor Vehicle Inspectorate. Also, we provide self-training CDs to those who want to study for the test using their home computers.

The in-school test was successfully completed. After that your documents are passed to the Department of Testing and Registration (DTR), which grants permission to take the major test on the theoretical subjects and driving. With your successful examination results you will be the happy owner of driving license.
Your successful learning how to drive depends on experienced high qualified trainer and good quality training vehicle.

That is why our driving school gives you ability to take knowledge from the best instructors and to use the best vehicles. The work experience of our instructors is 10 to 26 years! They are capable in turning any student into real driver regardless of its abilities.

One of the main advantages of our school is flexible approach to selection of necessary number of driving lessons. The basic course is adjusted on the individual basis. You can also adjust the time of your lessons.

Apparently if a person shows some driving skills, it may not require a complete number of lessons. In this case the student can take just part of lessons. Accordingly it will have to pay less.

Control checks and inschool-tests are incorporated to evaluate the quality of knowledge obtained.

On the other hand, the number of lessons can be increased as compared to basic level, if needed.
Internal driving test includes a set of standard exercises. Only those who have successfully passed it are further allowed to pass the DTR test. The other should continue their training.
Our driving school can even propose you stage-by-stage education fee. The only condition in this case will be: the general sum should be paid not later than the two weeks before the end of driving courses.

The correlation "price - quality” in this case is not truthful because the professional level of our teachers and instructors is much higher than the proposed price. And we propose you the best quality and the best price.
In accordance with individual procedure our driving school can also propose some benefits for those who do not have financial possibilities to pay the full education fee.
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